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And he is so very Pretty . . .

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Isn't He Pretty?

Pretty, adj. adv. n. v. 1. At a level of attractiveness that is below Hotness but above Cuteness, measured by personality, looks, and all-around endearing qualities. Charlie is Pretty. 2. To complete an action with an attractive flair, using those qualities which make up Prettiness. Charlie always does things Prettily. 3. A person who has been deemed to have those qualities which make up Prettiness by their fangirls - whether or not they really have those qualities is irrelevent. The island is full of Pretties. 4. To exhibit those qualities which make up Prettiness in an endearing manner, to be Pretty. Charlie was Prettying about the other day.

If you were laughing out loud when Charlie tried not to read Claire's journal, cried when we all thought he was dead, were in pain when Charlie threw up into the copy machine, and squeed out loud at the thought of another Charlie episode, this community is for you. Here, we celebrate the Pretty that is Charlie.

The Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge Allegiance
To the Pretty Man
With the Heroine Addiction.
Don't be uptight,
He's really a cool dude.
He's in mid-withdrawal,
Under protection of Locke.
In love with Claire,
And the fangirls love to squee.

Come on, you know you want to.


Charlie is Pretty Love

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